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Introducing n-heptane, the magic potion of the solvent world! This colorless, liquid hydrocarbon is the perfect solution for all your solvent needs. N-heptane is sure to add some excitement to your botanical extraction experiments.

But don't let its fun-loving scent fool you, n-heptane is a serious business. Its seven carbon atoms and sixteen hydrogen atoms make it a straight-chain alkane and a member of the prestigious heptane family. Plus, its boiling point of 98.4 degrees Celsius and flash point of -4 degrees Celsius make it the perfect choice for all your high-temperature, flammable needs.

But n-heptane isn't just a one-trick pony. It's also a great solvent for extracting and purifying other chemicals. And with its ability to dissolve in many organic solvents, n-heptane is the go-to choice for all your solvent-based concoctions.

So why wait? Add some whimsy to your laboratory today with a barrel of n-heptane. But remember, this magical potion is highly flammable, so handle with care!

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