About Us

Since 2006 American Ethanol has been dedicated to providing the highest quality fuel and solvents for a wide range of applications. We developed the first clean-burning bioethanol fuel specifically formulated for ventless fireplaces, ensuring a safe, clean and efficient burn. Our high-purity, USP-grade ethanol is perfect for producing high quality cannabis extractions. Additionally, we supply a selection of premium specialty alcohols and solvents suited for a vast array of applications, meeting the stringent standards of various industries.

What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to sourcing our raw materials from American-grown corn and wheat. By partnering with American distilleries, we support domestic agriculture while promoting sustainable practices. Every drop of ethanol and solvent we produce is processed in American refineries, guaranteeing exceptional quality control and contributing to our nation's economic growth.

At American Ethanol, our passion for excellence extends beyond the products we offer. We prioritize customer satisfaction, providing reliable solutions that meet their specific needs. As industry pioneers, we continually invest in research and innovation to stay at the forefront of advancements in ethanol and solvent technology.

American Ethanol has the flexibility to meet your specific needs. We offer our solvents and hydrocarbons geared to botanical extraction as well as ethanol fireplace fuel in various sizes from a 1L bottle to a full tanker load and all in between.

Choose American Ethanol for premium solvents and fuels that combine exceptional performance, environmental responsibility, and support for local communities. Together, let's build a sustainable future fueled by American ingenuity."