AMERICAN ETHANOL HOLDINGS, LLC highly recommends that its Private Label Fuel Clients work with a service providing EMERGENCY RESPONSE INFORMATION that can be accessed via a toll free number 24/7/365. Displaying your CHEMTREC 24 hr call center response number on your bottle provides additional confidence in your product by your customer. Providing your customer with a 24 hr call response center for chemical emergencies lessens your liability. The cost certainly outweighs the risk.There are several reputable companies providing such services (Chemtrec, Chemtel, Infotrac and others). However, we have trusted our business since 2011 to CHEMTREC and can highly recommend this company.

Since 1971, CHEMTREC has been the chemical industry’s go-to emergency call center for incidents involving hazardous materials. CHEMTREC makes chemical hazmat shipping compliance easier and reduces risk. The Emergency Response toll free number must be put on the bottle label of ethanol fuel and on the SAFETY DATA SHEET (SDS). The SDS must be sent to the Emergency Information Provider, and the SDS must be printed out and provided to the carrier for bulk shipments (not drop shipments of 6-pack and 12-pack cartons).

CHEMTREC streamlines the process of shipping and transporting hazardous materials, with professional support. CHEMTREC establishes a critical link between shippers, carriers, emergency response and medical personnel, chemical experts, and law enforcement agencies during incidents involving hazardous materials. The CHEMTREC emergency call center is 24/7/365 offering immediate assistance from a team of fullytrained and experienced hazardous materials emergency response services specialists By registering with CHEMTREC you comply with hazardous materials regulations. CHEMTREC Emergency Service Specialists and emergency first responders, CHEMTREC will help mitigate incidents involving dangerous goods and maintain clear communication during critical phases of emergency situations and hazmat emergency response.

As a private label brand, registering your company directly with CHEMTREC assures that your branding scheme is solid. When a customer calls CHEMTREC they will use your company name and brand name closing the loop on your private label branding.

Follow these simple instructions to register your company with CHEMTREC and obtain a quote:

  1. Go to this link at the CHEMTREC site: https://secure.chemtrec.com/home or call (800) 262-8200
  2. In order to register for CHEMTREC emergency response service, please have the following information available to you:
    • - Your company name as it appears on shipping documents
    • - Names, phone numbers, and email addresses for all contacts, including:
      • - A Primary Contact, Billing Contact, and an SDS Contact
      • - At least three Emergency Contacts
      • - Report Recipients
  3. Upon completion of your registration, you will receive a confirmation email which includes your CHEMTREC Customer Number (CCN), CHEMTREC emergency telephone numbers with suggested wording for your documents, and information on how to submit your company Safety Data Sheets (SDS).

NOTE! As a private label customer you are required to supply us an emergency 24/7 contact and phone number in order for us to ship any ethanol product for you. Failure to do so, will prevent your goods from being run as this needs to appear on your label. You can choose to use any company that provides this service - or provide it yourself.

Please download the PDF here. After you have read and understand your responsibilities under the Emergency Response Provider Program, please fill out appropriate sections and sign the form. You can return the completed form to our Customer Experience Team at this email address so we can proceed with your account setup: CES@american-ethanol.com.